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Planning the perfect wedding photo booth Leicester, The Midlands, London and beyond!

Wretch and Rascal love a good wedding and believe getting the right photo booth can make for the most memorable snaps on the big day. Therefore, choosing a quality photo booth is essential in creating stunning professional outcomes and with so many photo booth companies out there, it’s a mine field. Our top advice is always go with the quality of the pictures and not the price. Think about it… you will only be doing this once in a lifetime (unless you are Zsa Zas Gabor) and choosing a company just for a rock bottom price is awesomeness suicide - ending up with rock bottom results. So choosing a company of the Wretch and Rascal calibre will ensure you get the most incredible pictures ever! Though it doesn’t stop there. So here are a few tips on making your wedding photo booth experience go from brilliant to phenomenal in capturing the most individual and awesome pics that will cause a social media frenzy! Yes they can be that good.

Choosing a theme

So how do you choose the best theme? Remember you have had already had all the beautiful but obligatory shots from having that first sip of Champagne to the cutting of the cake, the never-ending traditional formal poses. The wedding photo booth should not only be the icing on the wedding cake, but where guests can kick up their heels, get dressed up in ridiculous costume and go crazy! Wretch and Rascal have created a number of themes to reflect this, from vintage and retro to the ridiculous… even choosing a theme is exciting! So go all out and make it fun!

Choosing a backdrop

Again play around with this and make your guests ‘pop’ with either bright patterns or more subtle shades for contrast. Wretch and Rascal have suggestions on what backdrops go with what themes, but it is all individual taste; so you can go ahead and mix it up. We love an event deviant! 

Go bespoke 

Are you a fussy rascal? Never fear as creating an individual theme makes it yours and yours only. You can choose your costumes, props and backdrops and make it look spectacular and really reflect and inject your overall theme for the day. Wretch and Rascal love a creative collaboration and if nothing tickles your fancy on their website they are more than happy to create the perfect theme for your big day. A win win as you choose your theme and get someone else to do the hard work. Perfect. 

Design your strips

Once the entire look of your shots is sorted you can go the extra mile and design the layout of your photo strips and brand them with your own special ‘couples’ branding. This is entirely personal with some couples going completely minimalist to others going design crazy. Though remember you want the snaps to shout and not be upstaged by a too much background insanity.

Choosing a good position and time

These two factors can be all-important. A good position can create a buzz and send lots of your guests to an amazing photo experience but putting your photo booth down the corridor next to the Gents is not going to yield the best results. Think about how you can incorporate your photo booth as part of the event and you are guaranteed top results. Timing is also crucial as you want to get your guests when a few glasses of fizz has loosened their inhibitions, but you do not want your pics to look like a zombie riot with red face, panda eyes, and endless boisterous photo bombing. The optimum time is early evening after the speeches and before the disco really gets going. Wretch and Rascal’s basic package is four hours which is plenty of time to get a great selection of photographs but if you want longer this can be arranged at an extra cost. 

Make sure you have a good attendant 

An attendant can make or break the quality of your snaps. Having someone gregarious and outgoing who want the best out of your guests really does count. From dress-up and posing suggestions to crowd control, from ensuring the printer is working to pointing out the guest book, having an awesome attendant is key. Wretch and Rascal’s attendants are the most spectacular directors, producers, stylists, technical wizards and rabble-rousers you will ever meet.

Include a guestbook

Ask any bride or groom who have had a photo booth guest book and they will tell you this is one of the most treasured tangible keep sakes of the big day. Include some colored paper, tape, stickers and a host of different writing implements and your guests can go art-wacky! 

*Always get double prints as an add-on extra as after a few drinks your guests might get a little light fingered and slip a print into their pocket leaving you with nothing in your book. Double prints means one for your guest and one for your book! 

Ensure you get the best wedding photo booth experience ever!
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