Wretch and Rascal do...

A Wedding Styling Photo Shoot @ Shearsby Bath, Leicester

Now that Wretch and Rascal have evolved into a wedding styling super duo, they got together an expert team of Leicester based wedding entrepreneurs to create a Wedding Super League. Still kicking photo booth ass in Leicester, The Midlands, London and beyond, they had to prove their worth in this very competitive market. 

Here are some of the highlights of their weekend shoot and the amazing team that helped them create wedding GOLD...

Wedding table bohemian rustic shearsby bath wretch and rascal leicester midlands london

Bohemian wedding theme with exquisit caged flowers by The Bouquet Workshop http://www.thebouquetworkshop....

Art deco wedding stationary shearsby bath leicester wretch rascal london midlands

Art Deco wedding theme with beautiful stationary by Pingle Pie


Vintage wedding theme afternoon tea by Shearsby Bath's resident chef and wedding cake by Melody Cakes http://www.melodycakes.webeden...

Wedding shearsby bath leicester botanical wretch rascal london midlands

Botanical wedding theme expertly taken by photographer Marc Tebbut http://www.marcthephotographer...

Table weddings fairy tale shearsby bath leicester midlands london wretch rascal

Fairy Tale wedding theme showing fantastic styling by the one and only Wretch and Rascal

All photos took at

The Wedding Super League showing how a creative collaboration can set your wedding apart!
Colonial wedding theme in Shearsby bath's Orangery