Wretch and Rascal do...

Photo booth fun @ Izzy and Phil's Wedding, London

Wretch and Rascal's first wedding of the year and what an amazing time they had. Trinity Buoy Wharf is a quirky and individual arts quarter located in London's historic Docklands right on the Thames and makes a fantastic wedding setting. With this in mind the props chosen went all "Ahoy matey!" and the nautical theme went down a treat with all who attended. Below are some snaps to show the fun had by all!

20180210 212236 251 IMG 0071

20180210 224002 110 IMG 0054

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20180210 224711 568 IMG 0070

20180210 223556 701 IMG 0045

Ahoy Matey!
All aboard @ Trinity Buoy Wharf